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Best Places to Buy a Home in Florida- 5 Top Places

best place to buy home in florida- the realestateupdates

1. Melbourne

Melbourne, Florida is known for its high performing schools: Out of the 125 most populous metropolitan areas, Melbourne High School students ranked 2nd in college readiness by US News and World Report. According to Zillow, the median Melbourne home value is $ 192,000 in 2019 and is expected to increase by 1.5% next year.

Melbourne At a glance:
Median Home Value: 192,000 USD
Expected growth in one year: 1.5%
Highlight: High-Performance Schools


The real estate market in Lakeland has warmed lately, growing 5.6% in 2018. As of 2019, the average home value is $ 162,900 and is expected to increase another 2.1% over the next year. with good public schools and lots of parks.

Lakeland At a glance:
Median Home Value: $ 162,000
Expected growth in one year : 2.1%
Highlight: Good public schools and lots of green

3. Sarasota

Sarasota is popular with retirees. The average age of the residents is 51.6 years, which reflects the relatively high cost of housing compared to the rest of the state; The residents have considerable financial security here, they are not just at the beginning of their careers. Sarasota costs $ 261,900, about $ 25,000 more than the state median.

Sarasota At a glance:
Median Home Value: $ 261,900
1-Year Expected Growth: 1.0%
Featured Feature: Suitable for retirees

4. Tampa

Tampa is a city in West Florida best known for its museums, Busch Gardens, and baseball. It is a great city for young professionals due to its exciting nightlife and many bars, restaurants and cafes. The average home value is $ 218,900 but is expected to increase. Down 0.6% in 2019. Those who want city life but don’t want to be right in the center should consider St. Petersburg, a smaller city west of Tampa.

Tampa At a Glance:

Median Home Value: $ 218,900
Expected One Year Growth: 0.6%
Featured Feature: Culture and Nightlife

5. Fort Myers

If you are a retiree, Fort Myers is an exceptional town to shop for a residence in. The median domestic cost is $210,800, and it is presently a buyer’s market. The town ranks 2nd on U.S. News & World Report’s listing of first-rate locations to retire.

Fort Myers at a glance:
Median domestic cost: $210,800
Expected 1-12 months growth: 0.1%
Standout feature: Large and developing retiree community

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