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“Quiet luxury” is the latest trend to set the world with noise; the concept is working its way into interior design. The whole idea is about intention and discipline. Instead of buying any item that fits the latest trend, make fewer purchases and prioritize true investment pieces that you’ll love.

What is quiet luxury?

Quiet luxury is luxurious, but the classic style is warm and inviting rather than sophisticated and ostentatious. The trend also creates an environment that naturally facilitates de-stressing and unwinding.

Ways to achieve the quiet luxury look

Decorate with one-of-a-kind items:

It is important that the items you curate are particular to someone. Rather than filling your room from big-box stores, antique malls, and markets for one-of-a-kind items to incorporate into your décor. In addition to finding unique pieces that tell a story, you’ll be saving money and the environment by purchasing second hand.

Keep your colour palette quiet:

Instead of bold colors, change for a foundation of warm neutrals and soft shades. While black and deep shades like navy are also utilized in quiet luxury-inspired spaces, most bold colors are avoided in favor of more understates, mostly neutral palettes.

Mix and match different styles:

Achieve the elegant look by mixing and matching quality pieces from various eras. The combination of different styles and materials is what sets quiet luxury apart from other décor styles.

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