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In this competitive real estate world, a real estate agent’s headshot makes a difference. With online presence and personal branding, it is essential to have a great real estate agent headshot that showcases professionalism. The headshots are responsible for trustworthiness and first impression. It has the power to connect and attract clients. Your headshot tells more about who you are and how your business is running. The real estate agent is the face of branding. If the real estate headshots are used correctly, they will be shown in important places. Website, email signature, and mail marketing are examples.

Here are some real estate headshot tips to follow

·         Find Professional Photographer

·         Find a Location

·         Dress Up Well

·         Smile

·         Posing

Find Professional Photographer

Capturing photos or headshots must have the correct lighting as the equipment. A good-looking camera doesn’t make you look professional. If you are working with your friend or a family member, look for various headshots that have lighting and natural posing. Search for a ‘realtor headshot photographer’ in your town with the help of Google. It is the simplest way to hire a photographer. If you need good experience and images, check for their portfolio and reviews from their clients.

Find a Location

As your photographer suggests a location. Choose a place that doesn’t distract you. The background is the thing that communicates with your audience. Choose a location with a stylish interior and cityscapes. The best portrait locations for realtor headshots are studios, coffee shops, mountains, and beaches. To feel your brand with the right camera, your real estate photographer blurs the background to focus you in your photos.

Dress Up Well

Everyone’s style is different so, try to wear professional outfits which reflect the growing standard of real estate. Choose to wear a personal style that remains polished. Avoid casual or formal costumes and also balance the clothing that appropriates your brand. Select for the solid colors and avoid heavy patterns and prints.  Make sure your jeweler is simple or can avoid it. The headshot is a purpose of connecting with future clients. Wear an outfit to meet your clients and that builds trust in you.


It is compulsory to smile in your realtor’s headshot. A genuine smile in your realtor headshot. A genuine smile conveys trust and confidence. A smile showing your teeth is more personable than closing your mouth.  It is personal preferences that convey what you want. A mouth-opened smile makes you feel young and approachable. While a closed-mouth smile seems to be serious. Whichever you choose make sure that your expression is natural and original. A fake smile and appearance turn people away from you.


The body language speaks more even in the photo. Check whether you are posing naturally and don’t look awkward. Crossing your arms and hanging makes you unapproachable and looks unprofessional. So, try to avoid this. Think about your brand pose in confidence and be approachable. Adjust your pose by demonstrating confidence and warmth. Standing or sitting straight, spreading your arms, and holding the hip-width apart involves and called to be as power posing. These poses help you to feel the way you need to look. 


The first step to building your brand is getting professional realtor headshots. If this is done, it will convey trustworthiness and confidence to clients. It also builds a reputation as a professional real estate agent. The headshots can also be used in your business cards and real estate marketing materials. With the help of these tips, the headshots take you a step closer to building your brand, growth in business, and landing clients. In the end, the headshot is not going to break your career but will create a positive first impression with the clients. The headshot not only looks professional and high budget but also an image with confidence and creates long-term success in the real estate industry.                                                                                                                          

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