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If you are in the real estate business, it is important to know the latest technologies and strategies come through. Some people come into the business of real estate without learning and clever understanding of the market. This leads to disappointments and failures in the real estate industry. Without a degree, many agents made money in real estate. But, the educational content for real estate brings you success. If successful real estate is needed, education in real estate is also equally important. This article helps you to become a better real estate agent.

Education and Impacts of Real Estate

Real estate is a sector that is growing and becoming a career option. Various real estate schools offer courses that help you better understand the real estate industry. Real estate education helps you to know and stay updated on the latest regulations and market you as an agent.

Reasons to Enroll in Real Estate Education. 

1. Studying the strengths and weaknesses of other agents in real estate improves your business.

2. Focusing on clients and building relationships with them creates a customer experience. 

3. Real estate education helps to stay updated and abreast of the trends.

4. Real estate education teaches you to be efficient and motivated.

How to get a real estate license?

Let’s examine the steps to get a real estate license in the USA

1. Choose a Type of License

Most of the states have two different types of real estate licenses:

• Salesperson license

• Broker license

Real estate licenses are different in every state. Some have mutual agreements that allow licensed agents and brokers without the need to pass another license examination. Each state has different needs on the applicant’s age, education, eligibility, and history. The age of 18 or 19 is to become an agent and professional real estate agent having a U.S. Residency.

2. Research State Requirements

Based on the education and training each state has a different agent and license. On various elements of ownership of property, title, and contracts a college-level education is required. Applicants need between 60 and 90 credit hours and real estate classes either in person or online.

3. Enrolling in Pre-licensing Courses

The institutions offer license programs, real estate classes online, and home-study materials for real estate schools, universities, and real estate companies. Real estate schools with good reputations enhance in getting licenses very quickly. Different institutions schedule pre-licensing classes. The cost also varies for courses in schools. 

4. Apply and Pass the Real Estate Exam

After the completion of the course, you can apply for the exam. The exam takes place between 1.5 and 3.5 hours to complete. Based on the national and local real estate law the exam consists of 100 multiple questions. Out of 100, the correct answer should be at least 60 and 75.

5. Apply For a Real Estate License

After passing the exam apply for the real estate license application. That should include a copy of the exam score and the certificate from the school where you completed the course. The processing time ranges from one week to two months. 

6. Find a Real Estate Broker

The next step is to find a broker with whom you should work for a few years as an agent, before getting a license. You will have an agreement with the broker. You won’t generate income once you have graduated. Choosing the right broker depends on factors such as brokerage type and commission structure. 

Brokerage Type

• National franchises

• Local brokerages

• Virtual brokerages

Commission Structure 

• Traditional split plans

• High-split plans

• Hybrid plans

7. Joining the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Joining in NAR is not a legal requirement. It offers transaction opportunities and grants access to other listings. The designation is required to participate in many listing services. This is also known as Multiple Listing Services (MLS). If you are not a NAR member you can claim the title as a real estate agent and work in the field. But with access to MLS, your earning potential is unlimited. 


Becoming a real estate agent or broker is a very big decision that requires time, attention, and dedication. The result is almost unlimited earnings and the possibility of someone being your boss. A degree in real estate makes agents more attractive. The agents should fulfill the requirements of the education in brokerage firms. Some provide training while others need agents with knowledge and completed training before hiring any agent. Only after completing all these pieces of training and courses, you are eligible to get a real estate license. Getting a license takes time and money but helps in securing and rewarding job in the industry of real estate. It enhances your career and increases your earning potential. 

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