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Buying or selling a house is a financial and emotional decision.  Clients need an agent who helps them navigate the complex landscape of the real estate industry and who has doubts and queries. They require someone with whom they feel comfortable. Real estate social media marketing acts as a boon in your business.  Real estate is a platform to put you and establish trust with clients and to connect with buyers and sellers. Social media is a tool to promote listings, generate leads, and build the brand.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated the ultimate guide to social media marketing for real estate. Let’s unlock the power of social media marketing for realtors.

·         Plan your marketing strategy

·         Find what works in the industry

·         Decide where to post content

·         Create contents

·         Engage with your audience

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Before posting on social media, map your goals from social media marketing. Ultimately, your goals help you establish a strategy and decide the time and energy you need to put in.

a.   Create a brand

As an agent, your brand is required to identify and trust your business. Formulate a real estate strategy that does not rely on promotional messages to achieve the goal. Instead, add a personal touch to your posts on your values and vision of your company.

b.  Generating leads

Leads are an essential part of real estate and are used to connect with agents and clients. To generate more leads, formulate a social media strategy by capturing users’ information through creative lead magnets.

c.   Expand your audience

You get more followers by increasing the reach of your brand and reputation within the industry.  To do this focus on the trends within the industry, keywords, and hashtags across social media. Try to gather a list of hashtags that will mix and match with your posts.

Find What Works in the Industry

The next step is to determine your audience. And then identify what type of posts interact on social media. This helps to know their interest and needs. To do this, try to reach people and classify them as a group. By keeping your audience in mind, determine the content and attract followers and customers you hope to gain. This also helps in creating engaging content to keep your followers interested.

Once you have the data, understand their strategy for real estate by looking at the active platform and where they are getting their posts. This gives an idea about where people spend their time.  With this you can identify where should you focus and which content marketing for real estate works best.

Decide Where to Post Content

Now, you have an idea and strategy of what works and figure out where to post. Posting on various websites requires different resources and strategies. By reading below you will know where to post your content.

a.   Facebook

Facebook is the most dominant platform used for social media marketing. Facebook has a perfect demographic but also gets coupled with posting and marketing tools.

Tips while using Facebook

·         Business pages offer page analytics and promote individual posts to your audience.  This feature allows us to experiment with different types of content and tracks audience engagement.

·         ‘Facebook groups’ is an effective way to market. Put market and topic and see which group you can join.

·         Give values and share information for followers to tune in.

·         Milestones are a way to tell the story of your company. Use them to show history to the world.

·         Facebook contests/offers/promotions for free go viral if done right.

·         Host live events in advance so that people can post in groups.

b.  Instagram

Instagram is booming for real estate. Property photos go hand-in-hand with popular types of content. Instagram is becoming the best to advertise luxury or boutiques. Instagram stories allow realtors to provide updates day by day.

Tips to start your journey

·         Posting daily and maintaining the brand with a theme that aligns with your brand image.

·         Include the Book Now button on your business page.

·         To make your posts more engaging use Canva to overlay the text

·         Grow followers from specific locations by searching for hashtags.

·         Connect with the followers through Instagram Live. So that you receive feedback while you are recording.

·         Create Instagram stories because people spend more time scrolling stories and feeds.

c.   LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place to network with realtors and show their experience in the industry. It is the best marketing platform for real estate agents.

·         People will find you with a LinkedIn search engine if you use keywords and optimize your profile.

·         There is no better way to build databases than LinkedIn. Buyers, investors, lenders, and contractors make connections and grow networks.

·         You can connect with real estate professionals, get advice, and share content with the help of LinkedIn Groups.

Create Contents

Now you are equipped with where to post and let’s see what to post. Here are some tips on what to post and grow followers.

·         Almost photo-based content marketing for real estate can sell properties quickly which contain contact details and information.

·         When it comes to an agent or a company, the clients are spoiled for choice.  The more you provide proof, the more your clients get satisfied.

· Providing advice, helpful content, or a report on your industry keeps your clients in the loop and shows that you are active.

·         Provide educational content of home tips and home renovating ideas for multiple audiences.

Engage With Your Audience

Social media marketing for real estate does not stop posting. Take a step to interact or communicate with your audience. This boosts engagement on social media and increases the visibility of your posts. To do this you need to,

·         Respond to comments in your channel.

·         To build trust with customers host ‘Ask Me Anything’

·         Respond to queries related to your real estate industry.

·         Make a post aiming to start the discussion.


Social media plays an important role in real estate marketing. By utilizing the platform effectively you can build brand awareness, generate leads, and stay competitive in the industry. Growing your reach on social media may be hard at first but with time and effort, it becomes worth it with the number of leads it generates.  In the end, your followers become your biggest strength. If you spend more time increasing your presence, you find yourself close to deals. All these will promote your real estate social media marketing.

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