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If your listing expired and your house didn’t sell, you’re likely feeling a little frustrated. Not to mention, you’re also wondering what went wrong.

Here are some reasons why your house is not selling

The Price Is Too High

Classic supply and demand conditions come into play in a seller’s market. There is a high demand, yet low supply. You can usually expect to get more money for your home but that doesn’t mean the limit when it comes to your listing price. Determining the best price for a home is one of the important aspects of selling a home. If your home is listed at a price that is above market value, you will miss out on prospective buyers.

Problem with Title

“Title” in this case doesn’t mean the cute name you have given your place. It is a document that shows the ownership. One reason a house won’t sell is because there is a problem with the title to the house that spooks buyers.

You’re Over Confident

Being in the seller’s market might mean that your home will get snapped up for a premium price, no matter its condition. But that isn’t a strategy to count on. Sometimes homeowners and agents get overconfident in a seller’s market and get lazy about home selling.

Listing Photos Are Not In Quality

After completing all the work on staging and curb appeal, you’ll be excited to show off the house. But, if your listing images are not close to magazine quality, nobody is going to come see it in person.

Bottom Line

It’s natural to feel disappointed when your listing has expired and your house didn’t sell. Talk to a trusted real estate agent to figure out what happened and what to reconsider or change if you want to get your house back on the market.

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