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7 Interesting Real Estate Podcasts

real estate podcasts

The abundance of real estate podcasts available is fantastic news for investors in real estate. You undoubtedly want to know how to select the best podcast for your educational requirements when sorting through them all.

Think about the kind of real estate you want to invest in to find the ideal investment podcast for you. Commercial and residential real estate investment are very different from one another, and this distinction becomes much more pronounced if all you want to do is flip houses or acquire holiday rentals to make additional money.

You may limit the field (pun intended) once you’ve decided what kind of real estate you’re interested in by asking for recommendations on community forums or utilising a resource like this one to locate the greatest fit.

The following are some of the top podcasts that may help you learn everything there is to know about the benefits and elements of real estate investing:

“Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show”Daily
“Real Estate 101”3 times per week
“Commercial Real Estate Investing From A-Z”Weekly
“BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast”Several times per week
“The Real Estate Guys Radio Show”Weekly
“Rental Income Podcast”Weekly
“Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli”Weekly

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